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Time critical shipments are not problem for Craters & Freighters Colorado Springs - Pueblo! We offer many shipping options whether you need it tomorrow, next week, or next month! In many instances, we can provide same day pick-up, packing, crating, and shipping, call now!


Quotes Are Free & Done Right Over the Phone

Some shipping companies make you wait for a quote and insist on calling you back. Because of our 20 Years of experience and proven packaging, crating and shipping techniques, we can give you a quote right over the phone. We know the freight business and what it takes to get the job done right the first time and every time!

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International/Export ISPM-15 Wood Crate Compliant

When you call Craters & Freighters Colorado Springs - Pueblo about your international shipping needs, you can rest assured we have all the details covered. International may seem complicated and difficult, but let us take your worries away. Craters & Freighters Colorado Springs - Pueblo has over 20 Years experience in international crate building and export shipments. Many foreign countries require the ISPM-15 heat-treated wood stamp on all wood crates entering their country. This ensures that all wood used to build crates is heat treated to remove any foreign pests so that they do not contaminate another country. Craters & Freighters has the knowledge and expertise to ensure all your international shipments make it to port and clear customs without incidence. 

On-Site Packing & Palletizing with Same Day Service

Let us come to you! We can provide all of our warehouse services on-site at your place of business or home including packaging, crating, and shipping. Let us know your needs and we can deliver!

High-Tech Electronics / Medical Test Equipment

Craters & FreightersColorado Springs - Pueblo specializes in handling sensitive electronics and fragile equipment. We won't just place a delicate item in any container or crate. We are different from most shipping companies. We carefully examine the item and rely on our proven techniques to carefully cushion, pack, and containerize for safe and secure delivery.

Fine Arts / Antiques

Since 1990, the very best fine art galleries and antique dealers have relied on our expert services. There are many shipping companies to choose from but don't just give your valuable art and antiques to just anyone. These items require special packaging and crating to avoid costly damages that can occur during shipping and handling. Craters & Freighters Colorado Springs - Pueblo will handle all your items with the utmost care and respect and provide professional packaging, crating and shipping.

Tradeshow Crating / Logistics

Craters & Freighters Colorado Springs - Pueblo provides custom tradeshow crates and tradeshow crate transportation. We can custom build show crates for all your exhibiting and product needs. Our tradeshow crates can be reused and withstand repeated shipping and handling. You can also rely on our global shipping options to make sure you trade show crates and products arrive anywhere on the planet on time!

Expedited Air, Ground, or Ocean Shipping Including Container Loading / Blocking / Bracing

Need to get it somewhere on time? We have many transportation and shipping options available. Call today for complete shipping details.

No Moving Minimums

Often times, traditional moving companies require a minimum to do business with you. Craters & Freighters Colorado Springs - Pueblo works with all types of clients including residential, commercial, and industrial customers. We can ship a single item or an entire truckload. Give Us A Call Now. We Have Solutions That Will Work For You!

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